Enjoy trendy colors for 2020 in harmony

Applied to contract furniture but also to interior design, or generally speaking about fashion and thrends, we can forget the evolution of the colour palette of a period of time.

Nowadays the evolution and adoption of different trends and color shades its even faster, due to social media and instagram. Not only on bars, hotels or restaurants but also in coworking spaces, the renewal of spaces and furniture has speeded up. We can find well known designs in new colors and finishes and so do Reyma updates its catalogue.

tonos tendencia mobiliario hostelería 2020

Let us share our favourite tones for 2020

BLUE: Blue shades infuse calm and relaxation, but at the same time they convey elegance. They are thought powerful colors that offer a solid base for interior design.

GREEN: A refreshing and relaxin color that without a doubt provides with serenity and harmony sensations to anyone that observes it. Maybe because it recalls nature to us. Reinvention and renewal never ends in its case and new shades and tones appear each season, darker or lighter, closer to yellow or blue.

GREY: We can find a lot of different shades of grey, but all of them spread confidence, maturity and intelligence. It is usually linked to neutral or impartial points of view.

MUSTARD YELLOW: Perhaps the most daring of all these four colors for this year. It convey energy, vitality and warmness. It brings a point of luminosity to any interior design.

If you want to discover all our latest novelties in contract furniture, or the newest colors for most popular series, please visit our NOVELTIES section.