Practical contract furniture: same design and style, suitable for outdoor and indoor use

When you really like something you are willing to use as much as possible. That’s why when a furniture style or design really fit your business style and spirit you become devoted to it and want to use it indoor and outdoor, right?

We are asked very often about availability of a contract chair or table for indoor use, or an armchair or stool for outdoor use…  Although our contract furniture is made of high performance materials and over a base of durability, on latest releases we have decided to go a step further, launching versions for indoor and outdoor use: that’s the case of Ático and Pórtico 

versiones indoor y outdoor mobiliario hostelería y terraza

If you look closer to its details and finishings of key structural points you will discover details addressed to dual use. The structure is made of aluminium in both cases, but for example their seats are are different for each use.

The indoor versions feature solid wood or indiana/panama upholstery for seats and outdoor ones textilene or medulla seats. Both versions finishings are in aluminium painted graphite, black, walnut or bamboo decorated.

They are also stackable, one additional detail which adds extra versatility to the businesses who often extend and store the furniture of their terraces.

Click above this text for direct access to these products so you can discover all the models, its combinations and adaptability… Where you use them it’s up to you!