Our contract furniture has been chosen by Escuela de Hostelería de Granada

As reviewed by the contract sector sepecialized magazine contract furniture and interior design projects  by Casa Viva “Proyecto Contract”, Escuela de Hostelería de Granada has selected our contract furniture for its campus.

They have chosen for their equipment and classrooms insterior design Pilsa Hostelería Técnica studio, who has selected two of our recent series: Bohemia chair and stoolbar.

The industrial-chic kind of style of these furniture pieces matches perfectly the oder industrial details decorating their premises. They are closer to a design restaurant than to a classroom according to this aesthetic and use. They have taken into account a certain aesthetical taste.

mobiliario contract proyecto escuela hostelería Granada

A versatile furniture option

We would like to highlight in their project the possibility to combine different kinds of upholstery in sinthetic leather they have taken advantage of.  Mixing pale white and “albero” tones (there are more available) they have create a beatifoul game and contrast with wood tones, the cooking isle and the rest of decoration and stoneware tiles for the walls.

Also these series are available in two different heights. Both chair and stoolbar are perfect optiones then for places with enough room for commensals at the bar apart from the tables.

reportaje casa viva proyecto contract mobiliario hosteleria escuela Granada

Certain details like the edging finishing, enlight a little more the industrial touch on the chair and stoolbar style. It also adds a vintage note in line with latest trends in interior design. We can appreciate these trends nowadays in hotels lobbies, restaurants and other public spaces that want to generate a confortable and cozy feeling.

We should also take into account the solidity of the metal structures used for this furniture. It is a vital feature for installations and places where the use of the chairs and stoolbars is continuous. It is important to choose furniture with proper quality certificates and tests.

Please visit our novelty contract furniture section to fully discover these amongst other options.