Armchair Ronda

Modern vintage armchair in industrial style. Manufactured in wrought iron the seat is outlined in different materials such as the finished solo, upholstered or teak.

Upholstered: 8,90 kg
Finished solo: 9,70 kg
Teka:  8,90 kg

Materials: Wrought iron frame.

Asiento 40Ø:
Upholstered: Bordeaux, Black or Dark brown.
Finished Solo: Amazonas, Antarctica, Blue, Bamboo, Bronze, Bordeaux, Ash, Hetre, Laguna, Manaos, Marbre, Montana, Orange, Black, Walnut, Natural pine, Old pine, Blue root, Red, Travertín, Green lime and Wenge.


Dimensions armchair Ronda REYMA

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