Quality contract furniture: AIDIMME test and certifies our furniture to high standars

Quality tests run by AIDIMME laboratories over our contract furniture has the mission to verify the correct behaviour over use they are created for. They warranty the perfect use for a long period of time in perfect condition and assure a useful life time.

In those tests the contract furniture is subject to situations that emulate the actal use the furniture will have in actual life. The period of time of the test is controlled and monitorised. If they entitle a piece of furniture with their quality seal is a symbol of warranty that that model or series is secure and reliable.

Main quality and security requirements in Spain are compiled on spanish UNE norms together with european EN norms. Conformity with those both norms, supervised by an accredited by ENAC (national accreditation entity) laboratory such as AIDIMME will show the customer an objective measure of the quality of the product.

To bid for products showing quality certificates or labels issued by independent and prestitious laboratories such as AIDIMME it¡s a warranty for their use. It also contributes to the development of higher competitivity of the industrial spanish sector.

ensayos de calidad silla Maldivas

Kinds of quality tests run over our contract furniture

Durabitity and fatigue tests: to ensure that the furniture is able to resist efforts it will be subject to during its useful life without affecting its function.

It consist on applying a high number of loads  -up to 80.000 times– sobre elementos clave del mueble. It emulates the forces one person will apply on seating down or up on, for example, a chair.

The forces are applied on strategic parts of the chairs or sofas structure like its seats or back. Also arms or footstand are parts observed… To pass these tests assures a solid and durable structure.

Stability tests: centered on cheching parts of the furniture than can become unstable, like seat, back, arms, legs… Forces are applied that simulate furniture drop for example. There are different tests for frontal, back or side drops.

test mobiliario contract calidadEstructural resistence: these tests persue to assure the furniture is able to bear with strong forces in a short period of time without its structure being affected.

A solid and durable structure should be able to bear with those strong forces thanks to its solid unions and parts linkage. It is specially important for furniture that will be used for long periods of time also, or by a high number of people on shorter periods of time.

Strong and brief forces are applied over seat, back, arms or legs horizontally and vertically to certify this feature.

Impact and drop tests:  these tests certify that the furniture is able to bear with sporadic impacts that can happen during its useful life.

The impacts for testing it are applied on chairs of sofas strategic structural points like seat, back, legs or arms by means of impact and energy.

And finally, security tests check for the furniture product design. It should never be potentially dangerous for persons.

Those tests check different elements of the furniture design such as radius, edges, cutting surfaces, hole sizes, mechanisms… in each piece of furniture.

For example in chairs, sofas or armchairs those tests recall mainly on the parts the user will rest or move over, on foldin or unfolding a chair, for example, et cetera… They certifies that they are free of risks for the arms, hands or legs of the person using the furniture.

This tests is quite different from the others. It try not to demonstrate durability or stability in particular, but that the furniture is not dangerous or hazard potentially harming or users.

quality tests contract furniture